Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ok, the peach harvest is 90% in, canned and ready for labels. It was a great season for peaches here in Northern NJ as the lack of rain deterred any rampant fungus growth and the peaches are packed with flavor. I had a huge harvest, perhaps the 5 beehives in the orchard helped just a bit.

However the really weird thing is its still July and both my apples and my pumpkins are completely ripe. The pumpkins are bright orange and have fallen off the vine. I'd be interested to know if others are having an early harvest too.


  1. I've heard many people say they've had an early harvest. We got blueberries from our CSA a month ahead of schedule. My garden seems to be a bit behind though (or maybe right on schedule?) - the squash blossoms are in full bloom, scarlet runner beans are just starting to appear, and the June-bearing strawberries are just starting to ripen. Seems like a whacky year! At least there doesn't seem to be any signs of tomato blight again - keep your fingers crossed!

  2. The entire year has been different - lily of the valley were late and daffodils were early. We had fireflies in April. The walnuts already dinged our car, way sooner than the usual early autumn shedding we've seen. Tomatoes are smaller than they should be, possibly because they cooked for 15 days on the vine! Many folks I know have noticed smaller sized vegetables, with black tops on their tomoatoes. Blueberries seem to be lasting forever.