Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fruit Trees

Fall is fast approaching, which is the perfect time to plant fruit trees. Most suburban yards have room for a few naturally small trees (apricots, peaches) or dwarf varieties of normally larger trees (apple, plum, pear). St Lawrence Nurseries ( and Miller Nurseries ( are both excellent sources for a variety of fruit and nut trees. Check 'em out and plant a few edible trees this fall. They will help improve your food security, provide a home for wildlife, beautify your property, sequester CO2, provide oxygen, and filter water. That's a huge bang-for-your-buck for a minimal upfront investment. Helpful hint: for faster growth and a healthier tree, plant it alongside a Siberian pea shrub, which fixes nitrogen in the soil and provides some protection for your sapling tree.

Happy planting!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Earth Consciousness

Here is a short summary of some paths toward “Earth Consciousness”
These are some starting points for future discussions.

We need:
Deep Compassion- to provide harmony
Deep Demography- to provide a view of past population effects and forward probabilities
Deep Diversity- to provide unity
Deep Ecology- to provide sustainability
Deep Economy- to provide for our descendents
Deep Education- to provide the right questions
Deep Equality- to provide democracy
Deep Justice- to provide ethics
Deep Literacy- to provide for the welfare of women and children
Deep Non-violence- to provide security
Deep Spirituality- to provide higher guidance

And we need a Deep Integration of these ancient and new Earth values.

Brent Woodward